Jo Ross-Barrett

Inclusion consultant, editor and public speaker

I’m Jo – a freelance inclusion consultant and editor with several years of experience. I offer support with developing books and interactive narratives for all ages, from picture books to non-fiction, novels and video games.

I also provide public speaking and workshops for any groups with an interest in inclusion. I have spoken on podcast episodes and at a range of conferences, as well as teaching workshops for employers, writers and publishing professionals.

Jo, a white person with brown hair and glasses, smiles at the camera.
My name is Jo and my pronouns are they/them.


My areas of expertise include autism, aromantic- and asexual-spectrum topics, the bi umbrella, children’s books, illustration, interactive narratives, intersectional feminism, mental health, non-binary gender, relationship education, sex and puberty education.

I have a strong working knowledge of various other topics relating to marginalised groups, so I can also offer guidance on broader diversity issues in content.

A group of people smile at the camera. Two wheelchair users are at the front - one has cerebal palsy and uses a motorised wheelchair. There are people of various ethnicities present, although the majority are white.
A group of Inclusion Ambassadors (including Jo) in front of an Inclusive Minds banner during A Place At The Table 2020.

I joined Inclusive Minds as an Inclusion Ambassador in 2018 and have been working with publishers ever since. I’m now a freelance inclusion consultant, though I still work with Inclusive Minds on occasion.

Previous clients

Detailed testimonials are available here.

  • Macmillan Children’s Books
  • Penguin Random House Children’s
  • CILIP Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Awards 2019 (shadow judge with Inclusive Minds)
  • Every Story Matters
  • Giglets Education
  • Golden Egg Academy
  • Otter-Barry Books
  • Raspberry Books

Inclusion consultancy rates

Discounts are available for charities, student groups, etc. – please contact me for more information.

Public speaking – £150 per hour

Inclusion consultancy (written or spoken format) £95 per hour

Published writing


You can reach me through the contact page if you have any questions or would like to discuss a potential job. I look forward to hearing from you.