It was a pleasure to work with Jo. They gave a presentation on LGBTQIA+ representation to the talents and mentors of the talent development programme of Every Story Matters. Jo’s extensive knowledge and lived experience regarding this subject makes them a great speaker and source of inspiration.

Besides the presentation, Jo gave constructive feedback to our talents about their synopses. They did this with a great eye for detail and by putting in more effort than expected. Jo’s input led to many more conversations on inclusivity and representation within our team, they gave us much food for thought.

– Marjolein Blüm, Project Manager: Talent Development Programme, Every Story Matters

The CILIP Carnegie & Kate Greenaway Children’s Book Awards seek to recognise a broad range of perspectives, experiences and voices through the awards process and prize-giving. Working with Inclusive Minds Inclusion Ambassadors has been an incredibly valuable way to engage with readers with diverse lived experience who can provide our judges with detailed feedback to broaden their perspectives and inform their decision making.

Jo’s contribution to this process went above and beyond our expectations, providing rich insights into individual titles as well as constructive feedback to help us improve our ways of working with the Ambassador Network in future. Jo’s professional, honest and well-informed approach motivated important reflection and meaningful discussion among the Awards team.

– Natalie Jones, CILIP

We are publishing a book that deals with autism, gender and sexuality, amongst other things. Though the author is herself autistic, given we are dealing with very important and often complex issues here, we were very keen to get this read by an inclusion consultant to ensure the text was correct and inclusive across all areas. And given the fact this is a children’s book, we were even more keen to ensure we were avoiding any potential pitfalls in the way we were talking about these subjects.

Jo’s profile stood out to us – they were clearly incredibly knowledgeable, had a wealth of experience when it came to the subjects we were discussing in the book, and were very enthusiastic when it came to wanting to read and comment on the book.

What surprised us most about the experience was the complexity of the subjects discussed! It was actually a huge learning experience for me to find out more about gender in particular, and how important it is to ensure the way we are talking about gender, autism and sexuality is correct and inclusive, and in particular how we make sure this is accessible to young people who are going to read this book.

– Tom Rawlinson, Commissioning Editor, Penguin Random House

We approached Inclusive Minds for help because the creative team working on the book had no direct lived experience of having an autistic family member and we wanted to feel confident the portrayal was accurate and positive. Jo gave honest and direct feedback that really influenced our editorial feedback on the character and led to a good conversation with the author, who has considered and taken on board many of Jo’s comments and suggestions.

– Kelly Hurst, Penguin Random House

Jo was introduced to me through the Inclusive Minds collective when we were creating a children’s book about diversity, and wanted advice and input from people with experience of some of the topics the book covered.

Jo provided detailed comments, which were very helpful. I was especially impressed with their thoroughness and diligence, and I learned a lot as a result of our conversations.

– Director, Raspberry Books Ltd

Our podcast had some oversights regarding inclusion and Jo stood out because they had a knack for explaining complicated-sounding inclusion policies in ways that everyone on the team could understand. Now the podcast is more accessible and covers a wider range of topics as a result. Jo is great to work with and I would recommend hiring them.

– Michelle Snow, co-creator of What The Trans!?

I was keen to get a professional editor’s perspective on the first three chapters of my novel. I knew Jo had good judgement, whether dealing with fiction or nonfiction, and that they would not shrink from delivering any necessary constructive criticism. They were thoughtful and thorough. The feedback helped me decide on some major revisions, including developing one of my minor characters into a major one.

– Adrian Ross, freelance writer

I contacted Jo about copy editing for my PhD thesis in molecular biology, as English is my second language and I was worried about my grammar. I had concerns that the technical scientific jargon-filled thesis would be hard to proofread for someone not working in the same field as I am, however, Jo exceeded all my expectations.

They carefully went through the whole thesis fixing many clunky sentences and spelling errors (that my thesis supervisor had missed!) while in cases of technical descriptions they flagged potential errors for me to check in case it was accepted scientific jargon. Jo also provided notes on some of the recurring mistakes I made with a short explanation of the grammar rules, which was a very nice touch and is going to be useful for any future writing. As a result, I was much more comfortable submitting my thesis knowing that it is now a more professional piece of writing.

– Elena P., molecular biologist

When planning to hire a young autistic adult to a position in manufacturing at my small candy making company, it was suggested that I consult with Jo in advance of the person’s start date, as I had no prior experience of working with an autistic employee.

Jo coached me and my supervisory staff for about an hour and a half on a Zoom call. Jo clearly was very knowledgeable and had prepared extensively for our session. The written materials were practical and tailored to our situation, and the training was delivered concisely and clearly. We all learned a lot of valuable information that was very relevant to us.

On the new hire’s first day, she was accompanied by a teacher. They were both absolutely delighted with the way we handled everything. I have Jo to thank for getting us off to a great start with a wonderful new employee.

Jo’s intelligence, kindness and knowledge are impressive. I recommend them without hesitation.

– Louise M., candy manufacturer

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